Current Projects

Look here to find information on current projects happening in our community to enhance your water service. 

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Brethold Booster Pump Station

Public Water District #3 is currently constructing a new booster pump station at our existing Brethold Tank elevated site. This was identified as an essential pumping station in order to maintain supply to all of our customers during routine and peak demands for water.  This project is expected to reach completion by April 1, 2022

New Administrative Office Building

Please bear with us during the construction phase of our new administrative building.   Public Water District #3 has experienced incredible growth over the years. Starting with one full time employee and the hopes of a few hundred customers growing to over 7500 customers with 12 full time employees, we have outgrown our current facility.  We have acquired the property adjacent to our current facility and the Board of Directors has implemented a plan to move our office next door to a new and larger facility. The estimated completion date is May 1, 2020. The existing office space will be used by the service department. UPDATE August 18, 2020, Our new facility has been completed and we now occupy the new building just to the south of our old office location. Please visit us. Thank You!

Upgrading Meter System

We are in the process of improving our system by upgrading to a radio read meter system and bringing every meter service up to current specifications. The areas around Delores Drive and Saline road from Gravois Bluffs up to White Oak Estates have been upgraded.  Progress will continue across the Saline Road area.  This will take some time to complete and we appreciate your cooperation and patience during this period.